Homemade Pregnancy test and their reliability

Homemade pregnancy tests have become popular because most women want to know whether they are pregnant as soon as possible because of various reasons and conditions associated with pregnancy. Homemade Pregnancy Test is a method of detecting pregnancy easily using products that can be easily found at home. As homemade pregnancy test is considered as one of the easiest and cheapest way to confirm pregnancy, many people rely on it. The main advantage of homemade pregnancy test is that they are really inexpensive than over the counter top commercial pregnancy test kits and are a great help to those women who cannot afford to use the available drugstore pregnancy test kits due to financial crisis. Again teen teenagers who have unsafe sex and are afraid of using the conventional test due to social and personal reasons use these methods. Also  there are some  women who test pregnancy with homemade pregnancy test as they feel curious to find how the test work as they might have read about it somewhere or heard about it from peers. However, what they fail to realize is that homemade pregnancy test are not at all reliable as they have not been proved with any kind of scientific explanations.

Homemade Pregnancy Test using Dandelion Leaves

Homemade Pregnancy Test using Dandelion LeavesThe most well known of all the available homemade pregnancy test is the dandelion leave test. For this homemade pregnancy test, leaves have to be collected from the plant stem. Then a sheet of plastic has to be placed in a location where the sun’s ray cannot reach the leaves as they need protection from direct sunlight. Now the tester has to saturate the leaves by urinating or pouring the sample of urine on it. The leaves have to thoroughly saturate by fresh urine in order to conduct this homemade pregnancy test. After a while, the leaves have to be checked for blisters. If reddish blisters appear on the leaves, then the result of this homemade pregnancy test indicates that the tester is pregnant. The red blisters on leaves usually appear between ten to thirty minutes.

Homemade Pregnancy Test Using Bleach

Bleach is a cleaning chemical that can also be used in homemade pregnancy test. This product helps to clean clothes via oxidation process. Homemade pregnancy test can be simply done by mixing urine to it. Only a cup of bleach is needed to conduct this homemade pregnancy test. If bubble comes out or bleach fizzes after adding urine in it, the homemade pregnancy test would indicate pregnancy. This happens because hormones increase when women conceive.

Homemade Pregnancy Test using Wheat and Barley

This homemade pregnancy test can be dated back to the ancient Egyptians. Egyptian women used to use this homemade pregnancy test to detect pregnancy. They used to urinate on wheat and barley seed and then closely monitor the growth of the seeds. They used to think that if the wheat seeds grow than the baby would be a girl and if the barley seeds grow then the baby would be a boy. This homemade pregnancy test was not only a test of detecting pregnancy but also a test for detecting the gender of the unborn child. In this homemade pregnancy test the seeds grow due to the amount of estrogen present in a pregnant woman’s urine.

Homemade Pregnancy test using Pine Sol

Homemade Pregnancy test using Pine SolAnother popular homemade pregnancy test requires using pine sol. Pine sol is a product that is made from pine essential oil. Again in this homemade pregnancy test, urine has to be mixed with pine sol sample. If any variation in color of pine sol occurs, or the liquid becomes fizzy and frothy, then the homemade pregnancy test result would indicate pregnancy.

Are these homemade pregnancy tests reliable?

The test result found by conducting homemade pregnancy test are not at all reliable as they have not been proved scientifically. The results also face different form of subjectivity as a women who has been craving to be a mother believe to see change of color in homemade pine sol test whereas someone who is not eager to become pregnant might believe to see the result in different light. Commercial off the shelve pregnancy test kits are scientifically proven to be accurate and therefore are more reliable. If financial problem is an issue and one cannot purchase the drugstore pregnancy test kits, one can go to community health clinics and other health care offices as many places offer free pregnancy tests nowadays. We can conclude saying this that commercial over the counter top pregnancy tests are more reliable than the homemade pregnancy test methods. Therefore one should not rely solely on the homemade pregnancy test result and consult a physician as soon as possible to become sure about pregnancy.

191 Responses to Homemade Pregnancy test and their reliability

  1. Jessica

    I had been have irregular periods and having pregnancy symptoms. I had just done the bleach test and it fizzed and bubbled right off, then I done the pine sol and the color was lighter than orignial color. Does that mean I am pregnant?

    • Edwina Jones

      I tried the bleach test peep in the cup and it fuzz out of control is that a sign of pregnancy.Plus am feeling move around in my stomach.I when to the hospital and claim about pain in my stomach.Never got an exam butwas told that I was constipation.So call Nurse about the same thing ang I once again told that I have gas.But yet am same having the same problem I still feel movement in myy stomach and my stomach is getting big

      • Star

        No, go to the damn store and get an OTC piss test. Your syptoms do not come in the right order to be pregnancy at all. Most likely the doctors are correct and you have constipation and bloat. Women don’t start showing a baby bump until about week 16, give or take a few weeks cus every pregnancy is different. If you have really managed to NOT notice a lack of period, rise in fatigue, painful enlarged breasts, change in complexion behavior, skin dryness or peeling, or for God sake MORNING SICKNESS in all of 16 weeks (that’s four months by the way) then you probably aren’t pregnant. Which is good for the rest of the world.

        • Justice

          Star, why the fuck are you even on here you peice of shit to humanity!? You here to diss others? Obviously a pregnancy test is more reliable but others are curious and simply just want to know answers. People are only coming on here for help and than you come out of your way to diss somebody. If you think using homemade pregnancy tests are stupid than why are you even on here??? Either you do it to or you’re just on here to judge those that do it! You fucking cunt! You couldn’t have been more fucking ignorant towards someone asking a simple question. You don’t even deserve children!

          • Caramel

            I totally agree with you that count is on the wrong website with that type of insight.

          • diya

            How dare you..you dont have any rights to abuse any one lyk this, what made you so aggressive, she was correct from her side, she has not stooped you from doing this stupid home test, she just advised for our betterment.
            you beggar cant you afford 50rs pregnancy test.

            i think you don’t deserve a child.

        • kita

          no not true every woman’s body is different

        • Samantha

          Oh an you start to show at 3 months but your right you can’t feel the baby before that

        • anon

          I will start with the one thing u stated that is correct. Every pregnancy is different. Yes she problem has bloating and constipation. But as you stated every pregnancy is different so therefore don’t you think that it would depend on what this persons pregnancy is like and what symptoms she actually has? And when they start. I’m 8 weeks with my 3rd. My first I started showing at 20 weeks had no morning sickness and did not have sore boobs until the end of pregnancy and still had irregular periods up until pregnancy. 2nd I showed at 10 weeks had mild morning sickness headaches and sore boobs. 3rd I am 8 weeks and already showing due too fluid have morning sickness and head aches and no sore boobs as of yet. As for periods I bled early on with number 2&3 which I thought was my period but clearly wasn’t.

        • Lisa

          Sorry but you are wrong my symptoms and preggo belly showed up right away with my son I was six weeks pregnant and looked at least four months…. And had all symptoms emediately didn’t feel him till 14 weeks pregnant

          • Taylor Johnson

            I am only in week 2 and have started showing

        • keira

          So why are you even on this website..you were either curious yourself or had nothing better to do in life..and I doubt it’s the second one

      • Lol@yourlife

        Btw just in case you didn’t know. You can have morning sickness starting after your 4th week of pregnancy. I am getting my degree to become a delivery/labor nurse. Just figured that you would like to be updated.

        • Samantha

          Actually you can get morning sickness as early as week one I have 2 kids an I got sick before 4 weeks I also have looked up a lot an some women even feel it before then…most of the time if you have already had a baby you can tell Sooner..not all women are the same an as for people saying shit about homemade test most people try to test to soon so instead of using money they try this…bit the dollar store does sell them…an my Walmart even has them for 88¢….but for fun I might try this…lol hey I download a app to test an both my boys are pregnant one is having a girl the other a boy…they loved it…its just for fun….now if your dieing to have a baby go get a test you do something like this then think you are it will break your heart

        • Claudette Potgieter

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      • emma

        have you got kids already? Sometimes you get these feelings after having children due to it weakening your muscles

      • stephanie

        if the bleach test really works then my husband is also pregnant :p

        • noni

          A man can test positive for pregnancy tests if they have testicular cancer. You might want to get him checked.

      • Sandy

        So where u pregnant??(

      • Crystal

        I tried the homemade pinesol test, bleach test, sugar test, dandelion test, soapy water test, all gave me positive results in pregnancy and I compared my results to others who have tried it so these tests actually might work.

      • Pamela Watkins

        I. Took. A. Bleach. Test. It. Fizzy.

        • Juls

          So I’m 17 and I have been having some symptoms that could lead me to believe I’m pregnant. I’m kinda freaking out and I can’t buy a pregnancy test so I tried the pinsol thing and the color just got lighter ? What does that mean t didn’t fizz or anything please tell me it’s probably negative !

    • scott

      You are all dumb as hell. Just go to the damn clinic.

      • Olive

        Agreed. Bleach fizzes when it comes into contact with amonia, not hormones. If you were to squirt bleach on a male dogs urine, it would fizz wildly. Does this mean he’s pregnant? No. None of the methods listed above are reliable. Buy a legitimate pregnancy test or go to a women’s clinic to take one. You can even buy them online. Ebay being the easiest. You can buy a pack of 25 Clinic Guard test strips for less than 10 dollars. I did and caught my pregnancy at 7 weeks. Do NOT rely on anything other than multiple OTC pregnancy tests or clinical tests.

      • Minnie

        Saves money, there are other alternatives to do things without the use of money 😉 take your bitterness somewhere else.

      • FCC

        Nobody is dumb. There used to be a time where pregnancy test werent even invented. People are just curious to see if these old wise tales actually work. Nobody is depending solely on these methods. But it doesnt hurt to have a little imagination!!

    • Laci

      The reason why it foams it’s because pee is like Ammonia and like any other chemical when mix with bleach it will foam. People are asshole they like to tell people anything just to get a laugh and make them a butt of a joke. I read on here that to use a cup of bleach and the use some pee….. That will have everyone running out the house with all the fumes it will let out. I use bleach with dish detergent and if I use to much I have to open all windows and doors.

      • Chaylee

        Not true at all.
        It has to have some type of truth to it because i took a bleach pregnancy test 2 months ago and guess what there was no reaction at all! If what your saying is true there would be a reaction everytime someone peed in bleach!

    • Mindy Houser

      The reason why it foams it’s because pee is like Ammonia and like any other chemical when mix with bleach it will foam. People are asshole they like to tell people anything just to get a laugh and make them a butt of a joke. I read on here that to use a cup of bleach and then use some pee….. That will have everyone running out the house with all the fumes it will let out. I use bleach with dish detergent and if I use to much I have to open all windows and doors.

  2. Marie

    I have also tried those two methods ans the bleach fizzed up then exploded and the pinsol looked like mucuse . Are you pregnant ? I seen that you posted this a couple of months ago .

    • Babymomma16

      Same for me.

  3. Christina

    I also did both tests and the bleach one fizzed like crazy and the pine-sol also looked like mucus! Did either of you get a real test done after these and were you pregnant?

    • Amy

      Hi I ised the bleach test and it fizzed and bubbled over and I don’t know that means but I made my eyes sting and my while house smelled like bleached and I’m only 14 I never had sex but other exprencies

      • Nadia murphy

        I’m 16 and I tried the bleach one today because I’ve been havin pregnancy symptoms for over a month now, it foamed like crazy but I’m not sure what that means?? What about you??

        • Velvet Brown

          Your pregnant baby girl im 16 too I thought I was pregnant but mine didn’t fizz

          • sabrina

            I’m only on here to get opinions on the bleach test I’m 16, I have symptoms but I’ve been on bc but I have bumps all around my nipples my breasts have increased in size, I’ve gained a little weight maybe a pound or two I’m 4 days late my nipples have gotten darker I’m starving and can’t help but want chips I’ve been snappy and my entire torso is sore including my breasts and my nipples have increased in size. Am I pregnant?

  4. SueAnn

    I am going to give the bleach test a try – as Idon’t have pine sol in the house. I have Lysol instead (wonder if it would work the same). I’ll post back my results….

  5. Jessica SB

    Waiting to see if anyone found out they are pregnant yet????

    • Ariel

      I tried the pin sol today and it changed colors so I am going to the doctors tomorrow to find out if i really am.

      • Amanda

        Did you find out if your were pregnant or not?

    • Kijaaa

      I tried the bleach but nothing happens no bubbles but I am 10 fays past my period so what was that I having some stomach crambs and morning sick I dint understand that why even baubles??kkkkkkk

  6. lynn30

    I did the bleack and omg!!! It foamed up like a shaken beer!!!!! And I thnk I’m pregnant, my body has some change and I feel a lil tingling in my breast

  7. Kristyne

    I tried the bleach earlier–it started bubbling, then looked like boiling water, then completely foamed all over! All within like 30seconds.
    Ive been feeling like I am ALOT lately, so not sure if I really am yet, but all I can do now is wait….

  8. 008

    Really feel like an idiot. Boobs have grown bigger and heavier. Been urinating way too much. I am late. Took the bleach test this morning, boy did it foam and the foam subsided then started fizzing.

  9. Jenicka Lopez

    Not sure if I’m pregnant I tried the pine sol one the pine sol was the brown one and once I mixed it with my urine it turned white sortah like cloudy creamy. Does that mean I’m pregnant ?

    • jamie

      U all are retarded lol…. bleach will make anyones urine fizz and foam. This is a myth hahaha

      • Kristina

        It is not a myth, it does work. all urine will fizz a bit yes but if it is looking like a bomb then you are pregnant. It is better to mix outside due to the fumes so please be safe. The futher along you are the more it will fizz due to the chemicals in your body. These test has been used for years when woman would get a positive result “before all the great test we have now” there doctor would come with a rabbit and inject it with the womans blood if it died she was pregnant. now if you get a positive go to your doc or get a home test. Yes i have done my research and done my test. dont knock the methods of people that had to use there brains to get results.

        • Not-THAT-dumb

          Ok…-you can’t say you’ve done your homework & the bleach test always works. The bleach is going to react with the bacteria & ammonia in your urine…which is why some get the “negative” result & some get the “positive”…which isn’t always acurate. I DID do my own study on it & my friend who WAS pregnant actually got the “negative” result & my urine gave an inbetween result which I wasn’t pregnant….also had another friend try it at the same time who had a hysterectomy & hers was “positive” foamed over & all but exploded. DEFINITELY NOT a reliable way to see if you’re pregnant.

        • mak

          This is not true. I was not pregnant when I tried the bleach test, and it foamed so much it started overflowing. You cannot trust these tests.

      • Brook

        Are you sure it’s a myth ?

        • cindy

          I feel very pregnant, I really do. So i tested with bleach and I go soooo excited bc it frizzed for like 3 secs then it rose like crazy, causing to spill over the cup, then I decided to test my husband and well i have to say that he is pregnant too lol same thing happened:( so who knows

          • tasha

            A mans urine is a lot different than a womans, they have different chemicals in their urine, you have to test on another non pregnant female, hope this helps :)

      • Relayna

        Uhm.. actually your wrong. I tried it and it fizzed everywhere. Had my sister try it.. It did nothing at all. Just saying.

  10. nomie

    @jamie dd yoz fizz n foam?

  11. brittany

    About the bleach pregnancy test.
    Your urne has amonia in it which causes a chemical reaction to the particals n the bleach and when it fizzes up it causes mustard gas which is deadly. Id advise not to do that.

    • Dorathy

      Ok I went through here reading the comments trying to find answers because I think I might be pregnant I have had two miscarriages and the pregnancy test always come out negative…. I see a lot of people who don’t know the human body sorry got tired of seeing it the human body does not produce ammonia the body filters out the toxcins in the body and no where in there is ammonia bleach and ammonia mix is a very deadly gas and its an instant result you would be dead before you could do anything that is why they say don’t use bleach around cats because of that oh and by the way not all but most men when they take a pregnacy test will come out positive because if the chemical balance that they have.

  12. mecha

    I did the bleach test too and it foamed like shook up pop when my husband gets home im Going to make him pee and do them both hope i am we have been trying for a few months

  13. Deanna

    Just so you all know, bleach and amonia mixed together can cause death!!! Urine contains amonia. So the fizz and bubbles you all are seeing is actually a sleeping gas! Watch out yall

    • Tigra-Lee Campbell

      Mustard gas…..

  14. Dianna

    Everyone’s welcome to their own opinions, but I have tried this & know many other’s who have tried it & if interpreted correctly, it works! It is true that urine has ammonia in it & bleach will fizz when any urine is added, but, when urine containing HCG is added, it will fizz, then foam up & stay that way for quite awhile. Obviously, be cautious about doing this test in a well ventilated area. For those who knock this, if you don’t believe in it, then don’t try it. But for the many who are curious, due to lack of finances, convenience, or sheer science of doing the experiment, then go for it! Put 1 cup of bleach in a cup, urinate in a separate cup (don’t pee directly into the bleach) then slowly add slight pour (1/2 – 1 ounce or so) then wait for the results! There will be no deadly gas fume, or a catostropic explosion, so need not worry….Doesn’t hurt to try it. I did & I’m a Med Student & about to become a Dr.

    • Angelina Cunningham

      i just tried the bleach test and as soon as my pee hit the bleach it foamed and stayed that way for along time does that mean im pregnant?

    • Not-THAT-dumb

      Well that’s kinda disappointing that you concluded your speach with you becoming a med student.

      It is NOT accurate for everyone. I understand why it’d be done…finances etc. But not reliable at all. I tested the bleach one out and it proved the opposite. My hubby & I were trying so I got my 2 friends & we decided to try it out. 1 friend who was 6 wks pregnant, 1 friend who had a hysterectomy, & myself who wanted to be pregnant.

      Pregnant friend test- “NEGATIVE”…did nothing.
      my test- “inconclusive” (I was not in fact pregnant that cycle)
      Friend with NO UTERUS- “POSITIVE” it foamed over BIG time & fizzed.

      SO don’t believe everything you find on the internet.

    • Joanna

      Please post where you will be working as a doctor so that people can avoid you like the plague!! This test WILL cause poison gasses that can kill you! Obviously you are “fibbing” about being in med school which is very sad !

  15. Dianna

    Women have used the Home-made Bleach Pregnancy Test for years. The way the test works is that when urine containing HCG is poured into the Chlorine Bleach, the bleach reacts to a protein in the HCG, hence, the fizz & foam that’s created. It’s a cool experiment to do before you’re able to get to your OB/GYN for confirmation.

  16. Bobby

    Has anyone taking th bleach test then took an actual pregnancy test to prove it I really want to try this :) x

    • DanelleP

      I took the bleach test and it foamed a lot… I asked my fiancé to do it and it only made bubbles. A week later I took a pregnancy test and I showed positive. So the bleach test does work :)

      • lewisa

        Hi all I’m new on this site and I have read every onece letter’s and well I’m 10month married nowand 11month off the depo, and I just took the jik and urine teste and eish it just foamed up OMW???????? I’m 34 years old so good luck and dnt be rude GOD love’s you

      • Nadia murphy

        Mine foamed a lot! And then I could feel faint fizzling?? I’ve been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms as well so what do you think??

  17. mommy2be2013

    Well guys i am prwgnant have had a positive test and want to tey this home made test so i peed in a cup poured bleach in and it foamed bad had my fiance do ot and it bubbled but no foam so yes guys i belive it works

    • Claire

      Hey I just read yours and mine did the same thing like just expanded bigger all froffy and white how many weeks were you when u did it cause I nearlly missed 3 periods and not tested yet I feel pregnant but I’m scared to test since I had misscarage in December 2012 so any advice u cud help with be great tar x

  18. Angela

    I did this out of pure curiousity, when I did it it foamed lik an exploding soda. I asked my boyfriend to do and his exploded as well, so no it doesn’t work because neither I or My boyfriend are pregnant lmbo!

    • Autumn

      You do know when a guy takes a pregnancy test it will show he is pregnant. So you can’t really say it doesn’t work based on that fact.

      • brandy

        If a guy tests positive on a pregnancy test he likely has prostate cancer. You should get that checked.

    • lemadia

      You know the male hormones will rise in reaction to the female depending on closeness of the couple. This might be why some times the male pee ‘works’ too.

  19. Stephanie

    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant. I missed my period then a week later only bled for like 2 days. Been having lower back pains.
    I decided to try the bleach and urine test and all it did was get bubbly. What does this mean?

  20. Nicolet

    The bleach test does no t work, I tried it two years ago and I don’t think it takes two years to conceive a baby; the bleach just leaves a horrible smell in the bathroom, but I am still curious about the pine sol test.

  21. Lisa

    So I didn’t miss my period. Came right on time and ended on time. My sore breast went away but the cramps and bloating stayed. I did the bleach and pine sol for fun. The pine sol went cloudy and the bleach bubbled went into form. I got curious so I went to the dollar store for a htp. Lol it came out positive even those I had an on time period that was heavy(changed into 3 pads a day) ! So the bleach and pine sol works

    • jeanie

      Hey I was just wondering did the pine Sol turn milky white and had bubbles?

  22. Tori

    I just did both, foam from bleach and cloudy mucusie color from pine sol,and…. Uuhh I had my tubes tied for 4 years now, haven’t had my period since oct. I have a lemon/alittle bigger size hard mass in my left lower abdominal quadrant.. That will give me some pain IF i push it lol, probably should push jt but its freaking me out!!! Uuhh can someone help… PLEASE

    • Patty

      I know how u feel ,,I have had strange bleeding since sept 2012 ,I look prego,breast bigger,heartburn, but negative stick test,bleach test fizzed big time,ring on string said I’ll have 4 kids I have 2 now ,,tarot says I’m prego,,really stressed oh hard lump in my upper abdamin,,lower back pain and at times feel movement ,,I sometimes think I’m 6 months prego ,,went to ER they said see a gyn that’s it ,,I have no insurance ,,

  23. mel

    i belive this works as i have heard and seen alot of similar comments saying that it fizzed up and stayed fizzy throffy looking and did not go away that indicates a poz and they got a bfp the next day or a couple days later and if it bubbles and goes away but still bubbles like a fizzy drink its neg i just did it it stayed fizzy didnt go away i have been getting bfp on frer and belive im pregnant also late but need to confirm it but do it out side plz it causes toxic gasses and will kill baby if u are pregaz and will burn ur eyes skin and throat

  24. mel

    also only use a cap full of bleach with a small container full of wee dont use a cup of bleach with a little urine alot of ppl get this confused and remember outside only

  25. sonia

    seriously am confused, for those who have tried this and are sure that they are pregnant, please explain more how the test was. . i did mine and immediately i added urine it fizzed then started foaming, the foam stayed for up to 20 minutes. . plus i havnt seen my period yet, does that mean am pregnant?????? need answers please….

  26. caoimhe

    I’m a week late but neg. Test. I tried the bleach an it fizzed and foamed straight away. The foam didnt go away it eneded up looking like a bear with a foam head. Any advice ?

  27. Claire

    I’ve herd of the bleach test before and I’ve missed nearlly 3 periods and not tested yet cause I’m not regular and had a misscarage in December but I feel pregnant headaches nose bleeds bleeding gums and constant cramping pains but no period and tierd all the time I feel pregnant but I’m scared to find out which I know is silly but I am so I decided to do the bleach test just to see Wat everyone was meaning and it bubbled up then went really fizzy and got bigger and bigger and was like that for about 20 mins so I don’t know if that means I am or not any advice be great tar x

  28. nina

    I do not believe in this test because I did it and it foamed up and fizzes like mad but I also did it with my 4 year old sons urine and it did the same. Really he can’t be pregnant.

  29. nina

    I did a pregnancy test aswell and I’m not pregnant. Don’t waste time on this silly games.

  30. Sha Ormiston

    whenever someone is looking for suggestions, I would hit up THE pregnancy home place

  31. Laura

    On the bleach one I tried it. Afterwards I did take an actual test that proved positive. It’s not just the boom of a fuzz that matters its also color. Mine turned bright yellow and foamed. (I’m not very far along at all) and my 14 year old little cousins turned a dark brownish yellow. So look for that as well. Hope that helps =}

  32. Lauren

    I thought I was pregnant because I was 11 days late. I had a pregnancy test but I didn’t want to take it yet. So I went online and found this. I tried it and it really did foam all the way up to the rim of the glass! and then later that day I took my pregnancy test and it came out positive. I’m going to say that this test really does work.

  33. will

    I’m a dude and I ppored some of my pee in bleach to conduct a negative result and it blew up in my face- bleach is a myth

  34. tierra walls

    I just did the bleach test, it instantly foamed shot right to the top I wasn’t even done pouring my urine!!the foam just sat there like a fresh cup of beer. I went to the hospital got many test all negative except a blood test, but my body is cramping and no period for a month all home test say negative…. don’t know what else to do!

  35. motherhood89

    I did the bleach test n it foamed for a min then fizzed. then it foamed n fizzed again. that was with morning pee. I did it the day before n it just fizzed. i haven’t missed a period yet but i just had a baby 4 months ago n I’m feeling the signs that i really might be again…plz help me with some type of advise

  36. motherhood89

    Its took soon for me to take a hpt

  37. Babymomma16

    So.. Ummm.. I did the bleach one and it fizzed everywhere. So, just to be sure I made my sister and brother do it and it did absolutely nothing..
    I have felt very weird lately.
    Im almost positive Im pregnant. <3

  38. riya

    i just had this bleach test..and it formed..what does it really mean?

  39. baby dust

    Yes the bleach test is dangerous… please go outside and do it. Make sure you are standing kind of away and don’t inhale the fumes.. I did it while I was covering my mouth but still smelt it! It did foam and froth up so I’m going to get a test to be sure.. good luck to all of you!

  40. sthe

    Did early on with day urinene but it fizzed up a bit with a little foam then in a few seconds it went away, two days later I tried it again with mrning urine but not my first it foamed up and stayed there for a long time till I got bored and poured it away (boobs bigger, sensitive since my last period and nipples darker too but not a missed period yet)

  41. gacvr

    I used the bleach pregnancy test when I poured bleach into the urin the bubbles and fizz took time to form. I’m confused is that positive or negative??

  42. chance

    O.k. so I did the bleach test & it boil like water so I’m I pregnant

  43. Kimberly

    Mine fizzed automatically , my boyfriends fizzed a bit … What’s this mean

  44. Unknown

    I’m trying it this morning

  45. Unknown

    I got a two negative test last week when I thought I missed my period but bleed heavy for two days then bleed really light pinkish then bleed normal for 3 more days then got really bad heartburn for a week so I’m gonna see what’s going on

  46. Kayla

    I did the bleach one, but with foaming bleach bathroom cleaner. It foamed but then I did another cup and instead of my urine, added water- no foam, tried the pine sol and turned white… Am I pregnant? Only have 2 pregnancy tests left and don’t want to waste them…

  47. Tikarra

    I did the bleach test last night a and this morning both times it fizzed and foamed up like a volcano I erupting. My. Cousin is pregnant she tried it and it had the same results. My areola around my breast are more pointy I’m going to see if I’m pregnant in about an hour or so I’ll write back and let you guys know my results.

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  51. tianitia

    So were you?? ^^

  52. tianitia

    Hi you guys! Im tianitia!
    However I have a major question! And it has been driving me bonkersss. Well I currently have a 3 year old son so im not new to this but I suspect I might be pregnant again and im very excited, but let me give you all the details so I can get some juicy answers lol well in july my boyfreind was incarcerated almost the whole month so I didnt have sex he got out the day after my 21st bday which is august 12th, I was expecting my period on the 22nd of august which never showed and today is sept. 2nd. What do you ladies think??

  53. lala

    ME period has never been right since the birth of my son 16 years ago I’m 32 now which mean I had him when I was 15 going 16 but any way I feel all the signs accept morning Simpsons I want another baby so baby what do should I take the test or go to the doc even dor he might be sick of seeing me

  54. lala

    ME period has never been right since the birth of my son 16 years ago I’m 32 now which mean I had him when I was 15 going 16 but any way I feel all the signs accept morningsymptoms I want another baby so baD what to do should I take the test or go to the doc even dor he might be sick of seeing me

  55. Indira

    You share interesting things here. I think that your blog can go viral easily, but you must give it initial boost and
    i know how to do it, just type in google for – wcnu traffic increase

  56. Val

    Tried it and it started foaming I hope I’m pregnancy because my boyfriend and I been trying for 4 years

  57. Janessa

    Me and my boyfriend have been trying to get pregnant for 5 or 6 months now. He cums in me every time he cums. But still no baby. If I was pregnant I probably my had a miscarriage. :( I missed my period the first month we trir making a baby (it was the first month I believe) I missed my period and i got all the pregnancy symptoms. Next month my period came heavy and thick. My period every month after that was pink at first than red than brown. So I dont know if means I was pregnant or if it’s a normal thing for a woman. I hope I am pregnant now, I pray to God I am. He cummed the following Friday, than Sunday, than Wednesday, than Saturday and yesterday today. I took the bleach pregnancy test. Once I put the urine in there, it fizzed and bubbled like crazy. I kept putting my urine in there (to see what would happen) it did the same thing. It is still bubbling at the moment. I also took the toothpaste pregnancy test. And it’s supposed turn a bluish or green (I believe). It turned a bluish color. But the toothpaste I used is a blue color. So does that mean I am pregnant or what? I want to know. Please let me know.thank you and God bless

    • Cassie

      I think you might be pregnant! I haven’t done the bleach test, but the period symptoms sound like you could be. I had a miscarriage and my periods were abnormally light and brown before it happened. So take a hpt! :) good luck!

  58. Sara

    What do you think??? Thick lingering foam about 2 inches high…

  59. sharlette

    I believe it works as well I took 4 test last night and 1 this morning and they all did the same thing bubble fizz then foam

  60. Maria

    So.. Ummm.. I did the bleach one and it fizzed everywhere. So, just to be sure I made my sister and brother do it and it did absolutely nothing..
    I have felt very weird lately. I checked in http://bleachpregnancytest.com
    Im almost positive Im pregnant. <3

  61. Rachel Laney

    I did the test last night and it fizzed and foamed like a science fair volcano. Am i prego?

  62. roble

    I tried a home pregnancy test from the store camed out positive could barely see the second line then I tried all the homemade pregnancy test and camed out positive then I bought clear blue and camed out negative so confused any help

  63. Liz

    I tried it when i woke up yhis morning my urine color is slightly orange when i do the test it fizzed and foamed then i tried it again after 4 hours my urine color is yellow it fizzed and foamed but quickly disappeared then i did the pregnancy test and its negative…. So I think bleech pregnancy test is not reliable….

  64. Hannah

    I did the bleach test, but I also mixed the bleach with a little bit of water so it was deluted a bit. However, when I mixed my urine in the water/bleach, it foamed up and stayed foamy. I do believe I’m pregnant, and I did this just for fun and curiosity. I have gotten my period, and it was light and only lasted for 2.5 days which is way out of my norm. Haven’t taken a test yet, but I will be soon.

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  66. ladynba

    I did the bleach test and it had a lot of bubbles in it n I have been sleeping alot n everything I eat comes right back up

  67. york hunt

    Just so you all know, they sell 99.9% accurate pregnancy tests at the dollar store.. For a DOLLAR!

  68. Dominique

    i tried the bleach and the pine sol just for fun. The bleach didn’t fizz at all but with the pine sol it immediately had some type of dark brown frothiness and stuff floating in it! I’ve tested bfn pretty early going to test again tomorrow hopefully a bfp!

  69. Warning

    The bleach “test” is not real. Your making something called mustard gas. Your pee has ammonia in it. When you mix bleach and ammonia it creates this chemical reaction . It’s poisonous and can cause upper respiratory infections. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Whoever started this is sick. Please make sure other know.

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  71. Lisa

    Me sitting here with my friend, two farming house wives. We conclude that the bleach test works because the proteins change the reaction and cause the foaminess, but be were (not irreverent) science fact is that the ammonia in your piss will create chlorine gas when mixed with bleach. chlorine gas can kill you! I hope the 14 year old who filled her house with chlorine gas is ok. Grown ups should remember that young folks may read this, Safety First anytime you do a science experiment (safety goggles and ventilation, just an idea). Has anyone tried the dandelion test?????

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  77. Haley

    I tried the bleach test a few months ago when I thought I was pregnant and it didn’t do anything and I later found out that I wasn’t pregnant. I took the bleach test last night and when I poured my urine in the bleach the fizz overflowed the cup so I am taking a store bought test this morning to see if it confirms. I just wanted to see how accurate you think the bleach test is?

  78. LaReeta

    I just took the the bleach test using my early morning urine and OMG!!!! It fizzed and foamed over for about a min and a half.I used someone else urine and just a lil fiz. I took the HPT and it said negative. So how long should I wait to retake the test.

    • Lia

      The same thing happened to me today.my urine foamed up with the clorox,but my 25mlg HCG test came back negative. I am only 2 days late on my cycle.. By any chance have you re tested on the over the counter HCGtest??

    • Lia

      The same thing happened to me today.my urine foamed up with the clorox,but my 25mlg HCG test came back negative. I am only 2 days late on my cycle.. By any chance have you re tested on the over the counter HCGtest?? I’m curious

  79. cicake

    I did the bleach experiment and my two sons theres where really foamy and bubbles and both the same almost clear little. Mines foam but instantly went down and bubble for more then 20min and my color was bright yellow . I seen the difference but I have not took a test

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  84. Juanita

    I did the bleach test and it was like fizziling and foamed up and spilled over the cup Its 3 days past my period and it hasn’t arrived I think I might be pregnant going to the Dr for blood test on friday :)

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  86. Katherine

    I did the bleach test. I underestimated the gas it created and damn near passed out. I seriously recommend taking your two glasses OUTSIDE. However, it was like a beer on crack foamed all up and over. I’ll do a HPT…and actually post the results as a follow-up!

    • Katherine

      …and First Response Early Detection says…NO, NOPE, NYET, NEIN! That was an evening test in a 2-pack. I’ll do the other one in the AM and let you know!

  87. Katherine

    …NO! I’m 47 and just started having relations again after 2ish years. Probably more chance of it being menopause!

  88. jay

    I used the bleach test and it fizzed but I am scared because I’m not sure if I really am I nned help.I’m 16 years old and affraid to tell my parents

    • Nadia murphy

      I’m also 16 and scared to tell I did the bleach test and it foamed a lot and fizzed faintly so i don’t know?? But I think I am I’ve had a lot of pregnancy symptoms as well

  89. jay

    I need some answers please

  90. Private

    I did the bleach test about 3 months ago and it just fizzed but nothing use no matter how much bleach I put. I redid it today because my IUD feel out and I don’t know if I’m late because of that or pregnant. I have a few symptoms especially the bloated and sore breast. I have 2 kids so I would show quicker and know the symptoms. Anyways I was pulling the bleach in the urine cup and without it little me finished it foamed and boiled right out the cup I had to hurry up and throw it in the sink. What was left in the cup was still foaming an hour later. Will test with a real test. This was just for fun. Good luck to all and hope it comes out in the way you lady’s wish.

  91. ann

    I tried the bleach test and it fuzzed all the way up, so I decided to take a pregnancy test I am now 5 weeks pregnant. So I believe it works.

  92. richelle

    About 2 years ago I heard of this and did it but it only bubbled. Turns out I wasn’t pregnant. But today I did this and it completely foamed over as soon as the urine hit the bleach. I’ll find out next week if I am or not with a real test. I’ll post results then.

  93. caitlyn

    Well I did this test and it fizzed first then foamed like crazy am on the depo shot but I have been sick to my stomach and breasts are sore do I sound pregnant

  94. Jennifer

    Hey guys, so I took the bleach test, it just bubbled. It didn’t get foamy on top or anything, could I be pregnant?

  95. Sammy

    I did the bleach test last night and it fizzed so I did it again this morning and this time it fizzed over…does this mean I’m pregnant?

  96. Tz

    The Bleach Test – It doesn’t just fizz of you are pregnant, it foams right up to the top of the cup.

  97. mia

    Does the dandelion test work? My period was 6 days late and then brown spotting for 3 days? No bleeding? My breasts are sore and tingling and ive been very tired? And tummy cramps aswell please help thank you.

  98. Queen

    The first time I was pregnant I did the bleach test with 2 girl friends to see how it worked. My doctor already confirmed that I was pregnant so I was the control in the experiment. My two friends results was very little bubbles and fizz. Mine bubbled and fizzed and seconds later foamed up, which was a clear distinction. That was a year ago and now I’ve been feeling pregnany again so I’ve taken the bleach test a couple times and each have given me positive results but I’ve taken two pregnancy test that are negative. I feel that I am pregnant because I’ve had early signs but I’m not forsure because after not knowing I was pregnant the first time until 16 weeks I’m unaware of all the symptoms and signs but if I’m right I should be about 7 weeks….can I have any advice? Maybe I took the pregnancy test too early or could I not be pregnant this time? I don’t know any positive input would help.

  99. Witchybitch

    Alright you stupid cunt, how’s this for you?! I’m 6 months pregnant and I GOT MORNING SICKNESS THREE WEEKS IN!!!! So obviously you don’t know everything! People come here looking for answers, not bitchy cunts who have nothing better to do than give us all a hard time with their “know it all” attitude! Get the fuck off!

  100. scaredmom

    I had a baby about six months ago and have been feeling fluttering in my stomach like when she first started to move, I have no way to go to a clinic or get a test, and was wondering if these homemade tests worked, I’m a mother advised never to have children again because of I went clamptic in my pregnancy, I’m already a first time mom and that’s scary enough, can anyone shed some light on weather they actually work.

  101. Catalya

    So I am late almost 40 day but I have irregular periods I tried all these but I have no results the toothpaste trended to liquid and the vinegar turns a bright yellow my pee was orange

    • Catalya

      I am only 19 just got out of the foster care system living with my bfs mom I need to know I can’t even afford a dallor test yet

      • Cindy

        Can you go to a planned parenthood or a pregnancy resource center? They are free.

  102. jalessa

    Well I have been having early symptoms of pregnancy and I tried the bleach test yesterday and it foamed up and I waited for about 3minutes and the foam did not go away so that means positive then I tested my kids and theirs just bubbled up like the was boiling so this morning I tested again and I got another positive and I tested my kids again and theirs was negative again so I had my sisters to take and sister took hers first and it did the same thing my kids test did just bubbled a little so hers was negative and she is no pregnant and my older sister took one and hers foamed up like mine did and the foam did not go away so hers was positive and she is 8months pregnant so it could be true because I got 3postives and I am having the symptoms but my kids and my sister had two negatives and my pregnant sister got a positive so it’s not if it foams up its positive but if it foams up and the foam stay on top of the pee and bleach than its positive but if it foams up and the foam disappear then its a negative so I think I’m pregnant

  103. Cindy

    Please do not perform the bleach test. Bleach combined with the ammonia in UTI e creates a a toxic gas. In larger amounts, it’s deadly. Even I. These smaller doses, it is harmful to you and your unborn baby. Dollar stores have pregmancy tests that work just fine, wait until the day your period is due for the best result. You can also go to planned parenthood and be tested for free. Good luck!

    • Cindy

      I’m a terrible typist. That should be urine not UTI. Sorry about the other typos as well.

  104. Tonia Elem

    I feel really stupid but I tried the bleach test. The toothpaste and the vinegar. I found two have a positive result and one gave a negative. I have not purchased a pregnancy tests yet but that’s only because I know its way too early.

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  106. Lizz

    I’m 16 me and my boyfriend did it on May 2nd and I got my period on the 23 and on June I didn’t got my period so I tried this test and it did frizz does that mean I’m pregnant?

    • Lizz

      Fizz * it foamed up

  107. Cassandra

    Hey so I am 17 and have not had a chance to get a pregnancy test yet because I don’t want my dad to know but me and my boyfriend did it January 30 and I think I’m pregnant I been having symptoms but I still have my period but only lasts 3-4 days now so I wanted to know if the bleach or toothpaste was accurate please don’t judge and my stomach is a lot bigger

  108. Leanne

    i tired the toothpaste method twice the first time was three months ago and nothing happened tried it today and it instantly started to frothy and devolved within two mins does anyone know what this means?

  109. Bryant

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  110. @nan

    Good day I did the bleach test and it fizz and bubble,I had a sterilazician 3 years ago can I be pregnent

  111. amelia martin

    hey i just did the bleach test nd it made the fizz nd afterwards made foam alot of foam.so i bought me a pregnancy kit and it showed negative so now i don’t know

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  114. Alisha

    Hi I had an unprotected anal sex on 1st October 2015 then got my period on 4th October 2015 after that I never had sex and my period is 5 days late this month am I pregnant?

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  116. Ashley

    Sometimes we as humans have a problem with overthinking things which can cause us to believe that what we want is true. I say that to say this, overwhelming your brain about being pregnant can cause you to have symptoms of a pregnant women…it send our bodies through stress. Urine has acid in it…if you mix two chemicals together(acid and bleach) what would it do? Try bleach with another chemical and it might explode just like the urine as well…I have frequent urination, lower back pain, headaches, nausea, face swelling, tender breast and constipation…I am not pregnant. Just try to get into an doctor office. Just stating my opinion, nothing personal. My symptoms come from me wanting to be pregnant. I have 1 5 year old and me and her father are trying very hard for a 2nd one and became very upset when I found out that our plans was not a success. My body is only like this because I want it to be. Your mind is playing tricks on you.

  117. Red Ruby

    BTW if the bleach test foam you are not pregnant if it fizz you may want to get a pregnancy test because that mean you have a strong possible that your expecting

  118. Del Moar

    So I got my first depo shot November 17th I believe because my next appt is Feb 17th. But I’ve had unprotected sex since. I feel like I’ve been having symptoms of pregnancy such as fatigue,sore back, I’ve been peeing alot, I puked first in the morning last week and was nauseous a bit, I’ve been turned off froma smells I did like. I’ve been having major mood swings.
    I thought I was getting my period two Fridays ago, I kinda felt cramps and did bleed a very little but it was dark

    I don’t remember getting my period since I’ve gotten the shot, I know the depo shot is supposed to stop your period but the nurse said after the 2nd or 3rd time getting the shot It’ll stop not the first.

  119. Davydov

    It’s usually beweetn 6-8 weeks. The initial days, you would never know if you are pregnant or not. Even the home pregnancy test kits will be able to confirm pregnancy in about 6 weeks time.

  120. Shianne

    Me and my best friend both did the bleach test first thing in the morning. She is already 4 weeks pregnant and I’m 2 months late. The first time I tried it , it looked like soda. But the second time I used my urine first thing in the morning and both of our test looked like beer out of a tap in less than 10 seconds. Then it never stopped bubbling like boiling water. Also the foam on the top is thick and goes down only a little. The foam and bubbles stay and never stop fizzing. A positive bleach test reacts completely different than a negative test. If your going to do this I suggest a friend who is or isn’t pregnant it doesn’t matter as long as you have someone you can compare it to. For all the people on here that claim they have had their husband take a pregnancy test your idiots. You can’t compare your female hormonal reactions to a males. Like I said my best friend is 4 weeks along and our test did the exact thing. If it just looks like carbonated soda then don’t worry your not pregnant . if it foams just a little don’t worry your not pregnant. However if your piss is foaming like beer from a tap and looks like a buuble bath then your pregnant. I will take and actual test tommorow for update. However I did bleed a week ago for only 3 days so I’m sure I’m pregnant. If your not certain that the bleach test will work then I can guarantee you that the dandelion leaves are your best option compared to cleaning supplies. I’ve heard of the leave method before and it has always been accurate. Hope I was some help

  121. Shianne

    One little note this test can be very accurate if you let it. I GUARANTEE that if your test sample is still very very very foamy after 30 minutes your pregnant. Not no dam fizzle or fuzz or bubbles. Don’t get me wrong when your pregnant the shit bubbles like hot ass boiling water but if your really want to be sure do the test and if it starts foaming yes FOAM like crazy and that foam barely goes down after 20 30 45 minutes your definitely pregnant Once again for you pessimistic women out there THIS IS NOT A FREAKING TEST FOR MEN. SO TRY IT OR DONT IDGAF. I care about the other woman on this website really seeking insight on whether they are pregnant. Yes everyone’s has ammonia in their urin . Yes urine and bleach together will fizzle bubble and maybe even foam a little. But bleach and a pregnant woman’s urine will bubble fizz crackle pop explode rupture Hella shit. And it won’t just go away. If your pregnant you’ll know because your foam won’t ever die down and your bubbles and fizzles never stop fizzin. So for the woman out there that want to try this test I personally believe it is not less or more accurate than a dollar store test that I have had numerous false negatives before using. If anything this may be more accurate. Duh its gonna react dumb people is freaking bleach and piss anybodys will react its that certain overwhelming reaction of foam that means your pregnant. Goodnight

  122. Parvathi

    I did pregnancy test I store my urine 24 hours but no white layer form bit In down some wbit dust is there that means I’m pregnant t

  123. Candice Ogle

    Can some one help I want to do a homemade pregnacy test I am 4 days late on my period and just don’t want to go and get a pregnacy test if im not pregnant I have already had a child I have not missed a period in two years as my daughter is two am I over reacting ? Cheap homemade test ? Someone ?

  124. angelchvz

    Well, it happened way back in 11th and 15th of April. Then my period came after 3 weeks, May 2 to 8. And its not pinkish or brownish. Its like a normal period, but its not that heavy. Before my period came, I thought I was pregnant 2 weeks, cause I dont feel good, but I dont do morning sickness, but I was fatigue and my nauseous, I read to many things about the symptoms of pregnancy, and I guess my body reacted like a pregnant woman? Cus when I relaxed myself a little, Ive got my period. And I read about implantation bleeding, it says, its only a little period or youll have a brownish and pinkish, but mine is blood. I can see those clumps of blood. And now, I tried this bleaching pregnancy test, it foams. But theres no fizzing. And the foam lasted for like how many minutes? I think it lasted for 20 minutes? I guess. Well, please help me. I dont know if its real or what.

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