Tubal Pregnancy Symptoms

Tubal pregnancy, which is also called ectopic pregnancy, is an ailment in which the fertilized egg implants itself within the fallopian tubes or other tissue outside the uterus. Tubal pregnancy is very dangerous and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Tubal pregnancy symptoms at first coincide with normal pregnancy symptoms, for example tender breasts and morning sickness.

With the normal pregnancy, the fertilized egg gets attached to the uterine wall, thus causing the flood of the body’s hormones. In the case of tubal pregnancy, the fertilized egg gets attached in a place outside the uterus – in most cases on the fallopian tube. You will find great risks connected having a tubal pregnancy and the sooner the woman recognizes the symptoms, the greater chance of being able to overcome this health problem.

The tubal pregnancy symptoms are very confusing because in most cases, the woman even gets positive results after carrying out pregnancy test she may even begin to miss her period and fall sick. Then with time, the woman starts to feel a pain on each side of her uterus, which gets worse with time. A simple ultrasound test will be of great help in discovering the presence of tubal pregnancy in order for it to be removed immediately.

The great problem many women have with tubal pregnancy is that they find it easy to overlook or ignore it. However, you will find a couple of marked symptoms that may be easily observed. Included in these is pain in the lower part of the abdomen, which is also likely to be crampy. In most cases, that cramp or pain is only experienced only on a part of the abdomen. Another symptom is multiple missed periods. A woman may also experience some vaginal bleeding or spotting but this is not the usual period. Some other symptoms are lower back pain, dizziness and feeling faint. Also, blood pressure tends to drop and the levels of hCG in the body greatly reduces than what you have with a normal pregnancy.

Tubal Pregnancy SymptomsWomen likely to experience tubal pregnancy symptoms are those who have had the tubes ‘tied’ like a permanent type of birth control. This usually happens once they are certain that they are no longer in need of a new child, or if the last baby they had almost took their lives. For that reason, pregnancy is seen as no longer needed. Although the tubes are already tied, they are essentially mutilated but pregnancy could still come at times.

In order to avoid the consequences of tubal pregnancy, it’s greatly necessary to be able to identify tubal pregnancy symptoms. Most women are usually not aware of the presence of tubal pregnancy. The symptoms start to show up from the seventh week after final the monthly period. This may happen to any woman, but certain conditions promote the chance of developing this type of pregnancy. Generally, any substance which interferes with the natural functioning of the egg can lead to severe troubles which may increase the likelihood of tubal pregnancy. Also, women with past pelvic inflammation are also likely to develop tubal pregnancy.

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