When Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

Pregnancy symptoms start before a woman misses het menstrual cycles. When a woman is making efforts to get pregnant and knows her body very well, particularly her signs of fertility, she will be much aware when her pregnancy symptoms start to show. However, a woman who does not pay any attention to her reproductive cycle will not know or be aware of those symptoms.

Some women will easily notice immediately when they are pregnant depending on their observations and feelings when having pregnancy test. However, many women do not know they are pregnant possibly for the fact that they do not go through the signs or symptoms. Due to the different experiences with pregnancy, there are many types of pregnancy signs and symptoms, causing the use of one common, or perhaps a couple of common symptoms very difficult in determining the beginning of pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms start before a woman misses period during a few days after fertilization and missed period may show up a couple of weeks afterwards. Little vaginal bleeding can happen about 10 to 13 days after implantation. The bleeding is caused by a fertilized egg which attaches itself to the lining of the uterus. The woman then tries to look for possibilities much earlier than they should be doing.

Women who are getting pregnant for the first time always face some tough situations because the changes taking place in the body will be new throughout those nine months. By the time they get pregnant the second time, they would have been able to know when pregnant and for the fact that the body has been able to accept new changes.

Pregnancy symptoms start when a woman starts to experience lack of energy and fatigue. The main reason this happens is as a result of the effort being made by the new body of the woman to sustain the new life inside her. Symptoms also start when normal hormonal changes begin to take place. Really, the only treatment for fatigue in this situation is to spend more time to rest. It is not always easy to do this and it is important that the husband and family render assistance to the woman during this period. A down-time or a 30-minute nap can be very helpful during this period.

Pregnancy symptoms also start with discharge in the vagina and this is common to almost all women in the early weeks of the pregnancy. The growth of the cells lining of the woman’s vagina are responsible for the discharge. Naturally, the walls begin to thicken the moment the egg is fertilized, causing the discharge of a milky, white fluid. In medicine, this is called leucorrhea and is harmless. Therefore, no treatment effort is necessary. It is also possible for this discharge to remain all through the pregnancy period.

Pregnancy tests are very helpful in determining when pregnancy symptoms start, enabling you to conduct yourself by using home kit. However, the outcome is also based on the woman’s physiological characteristics and the type of test package used. It is good to visit the doctor when you begin to go through the early pregnancy symptoms.

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